Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Little Man is 2!

When in the world did my little boy turn 2?!  (on January 9th..that's when)

I remember HAVING him!!  It seems like it was just yesterday.  With the wonderful Ohio weather (there was a blizzard).  

With my teeny little man all snuggly and warm (and even then he had cute little stinky feet).

 Little Man..about 9 months old.

He was a little chubby ball of cuteness.

He is now a tall, slender machine of destruction...but he's still so darn cute...with the same stinky feet.

Happy Birthday to my first Little Man!  I love you with all of my heart.  I never thought that any man could steal my heart from your Daddy, but it happened the second I laid my eyes on your chubby little cheeks!

I hope I am being the best Mommy to you that I can be.  I want to give you the world, teach you how to take care of yourself, make sure that you feel loved, and teach you how to love with your entire heart and soul.

 2nd Birthday sugar coma.

I love you Little Man!  You will always be my baby boy!

 My Little Man is now a Big Boy!!