Monday, May 24, 2010

Because I think I may have writers block...

I just ready Kristy K's blog over at Learning as They Grow.  She won some awards for her blog from some of her blogging friends.  Yay!  Good job Kristy!

She is supposed to pass them onto some other bloggers, but she is choosing to skip that step and said that people could claim them for themselves if they would write a blog of 10 things about yourself.

I'm not trying to claim any awards, but I thought that it sounded like fun.

I also have been trying to write for the last couple of days, and I seem to have some creative blockage going on.  Couldn't be that I'm about to give birth?

So I'm going to write 10 things about myself....things that you would probably never guess (or maybe you would).

1.  I'm actually worried that I may not have 10 things to write.

2.  One of the reasons we didn't have a traditional wedding here is because I couldn't have my grandfather walk me down the aisle without my father throwing a fit.  (If I had only been older and wiser, I would have asked him, but I don't regret getting married in Jamaica one bit).

3.  I'm a little OCD when it comes to cleaning.  I only use certain products, and I always do things a certain way...and it drives me batty if it is done differently.

4.  I STILL watch every season of the Real World on MTV.  Yes, I know I'm too old, but I still watch.

5.  I have a chocolate addiction.  It's bad.  I would eat chocolate all day long if I could.  

6.  I originally wanted to have 6 kids.  Uhh...totally insane I know.  I think we will be good with 3 kids and 1 dog.  That's equal to 4.  Anyone that has a dog would agree.

7.  I really hate my house.  We have great neighbors (except the trampoline people that live behind us).  It's really close to all of the schools.  It's in a great location.  I hate it because we have virtually NO privacy.

8.  On one hand I'm not worried about having 3 kids.  On the other, I'm scared to death.  Now we're REALLY outnumbered!

9.  I can be a real bad ass.  Don't mess with me, my kids, my husband, or even my close friends.  I don't put up with ANY crap from ANYONE!  I'm not afraid to let you know it either.

10.  I am totally lacking in self-esteem since I had kids.  I used to be the hot girl and I knew it.  I now know no such thing, and I totally need to find it again.

Okay.  That's 10 things.  Hmmm.  Maybe I can finally get some writing going on out of these!

If you want to share something about yourself, that would be great!  Just leave it in the comment section.


  1. Love these!!!! You are still the hot girl Beth! Give yourself some credit. Now you're the hot, WISE girl!

    And if anyone thinks you're kidding about not taking crap... she is totally not kidding!

    I'll email the awards to you. Then you can just add them to your sidebar (go to your layout, click, add a gadget, then click on add a picture.).

    Congrats! :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean about lacking self-esteem. I think there's a step no one warns women about before they have kids. The step where you are forced to realize your body isn't indestructible and it really IS possible to gain 50 pounds in less than a year. Oh, and how impossible it is to lose that 50 pounds.
    I like to try to look at it objectively though... I accept that I am no longer 22 years old. I accept that I had my time to let people admire my size 4 ass. I also accept that it's okay for me to look at all the girls that are 22 with a size 4 ass and laugh to myself knowing in 5 years (maybe less) they will be 50 pounds heavier with a baby(s) in tow.
    That makes me feel a little better.
    I won't pretend it's all okay though. I renewed my gym membership. That's where I'm going right now.
    I don't have to accept my current weight, but it'd be easier on me if I could accept that I still look great... and on that note, so do you. There's a certain beauty about pregnancy that over shines the downside of the weight gain.


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