Saturday, August 7, 2010

Self Esteem (Friday's Post)

So I'm totally one day behind on my posts.  It's all my job's fault.  Especially when you don't get home before midnight.  So I will have two posts today.

I originally wanted to do a post to share some of my favorite pictures with you, but the husband can't remember where he put the jump drive (sigh), so I bumped up this post.

I wanted to focus a little on self esteem.  I think that we can always use a little more self esteem (generally speaking).

I personally have a problem with this.  As in I don't have enough. 

I used to ooze self esteem.  I used to be the hot girl...and I knew it.  I wasn't snobby about it (although I'm sure that you could find some people that would say I was).  I was thin.  I had long hair (which I still do, so I'm not sure why this matters).  I was totally confident about myself.
Who wouldn't feel confident looking like this???

Now.  I am not.  I am not thin (I know a lot of people would disagree with this).  I am having a hard time dealing with my post post post baby body (I felt the need to fit all three in there).  Now realistically I know that I look fan-freakin-tabulous (thank you to my thyroid for being overactive) for having a baby 9 weeks ago.  Here's the thing....clothes are a wonderful thing.  ANYONE can look fabulous in clothes.  It's the lack of clothes (and swimsuits) that terrify the living daylights out of me.

I heard this song by Christina Aguilera.  It's called Vanity.  Fair warning, it has some bad language in it, so if the kiddos are within hearing distance, I would wait to listen to it.

I am totally making this my new theme song.  I think it should be yours too.  Or at least I hope it makes you giggle a little!

Self I come to find you!

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