Thursday, December 20, 2012


I figured I would explain this one since I have been dealing with cheer stuff today.

When I was younger, I had NOTHING to do with cheer.  I didn't want to.  I was anti-cheer.  In my school all cheer was, was a popularity contest.  I mean I'm sure they practiced and whatnot, but I was not interested.

I danced for many years and was even in a ballet company for a short time.  Then once I got to high school, I was in band.  Yeah,  And colorguard.  And the rifle line.

Shut it.  No jokes.

So how did I manage to get myself into cheer up to my eyeballs?

The Munchkin.  She has wanted to be a cheerleader for as long as I can remember.  This year she was actually old enough to mascot for our youth football association.

And so it began.  The entrance into cheer.  We didn't have a coach for awhile, only a squad mom who then kind of fell into the coaching job.  Buuuutttt, people get sick and can't make it, so then I just jumped in and helped out a little here and a little there.  Next thing you know, one of the directors asked me if I would be her assistant for next year, and I said yes.

A few weeks after the season ended, we had a competition scheduled.  The director was so sick during practice time, I had to step in...immediately.  So, then it happened.  All sparkly and glitter and cheering with my cheer mom school spirit shirt on.

Oh yeah.

And THEN the Munchkin decided that she wanted to cheer over the winter as her activity.  So, I signed her up for Upward cheer. 

Upward is a national program that is church based (yes, I know, but it is a REALLY great program for the kids).  Soooo, when I signed her up, I decided to volunteer as an assistant coach to get some practice in and kind of figure out what I was doing before I started in on an entire football season of assistant directorship.

But wait.  There's more.

I am now the HEAD COACH for the squad.  They are sort of short handed and need some people in other locations for the organization.  They asked me to be the head coach, so I said, sure why not.

The hubby thinks I'm nuts.  However, he supports me ENTIRELY!!!  I think he knows how much fun it is for me to do this with the Munchkin, plus my love of glitter and everything sparkly.

Yes.  I am a head cheer coach.  For Upward.  In charge of 8 girls in kindergarten and 1st grade.  Yes I am crazy.  Yes it has been far.

Then again, we have only had one practice.  They are doing soooo good though.  Totally adorable.  And I've actually taught them how to cheer.  Totally amazing.

So next fall when football rolls around, hopefully I will be prepared.  But I'm not worried.  It's been fun, and I'm glad that I am taking the time to do it.



  1. Really? No jokes on band, color guard or rifle line??

  2. No jokes on band, color guard or rifle line. That's serious business. ;)

  3. Yep; she was a "band-o"


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