Sunday, December 26, 2010

Grandpa...I love you always

Christmas has always been a little difficult for me.  
At some points it has been crazy family things...not wanting to spend time with family.
At other points it's been because I've been sad because I didn't have the family that I have wanted to.
At another point is was because I was losing a very important person to me.  My Grandpa.

 My Grandpa

Six years ago today...on December 26th at about grandpa passed away at 90 years young on his own terms.

He was my rock (besides my husband).  He was the greatest man in my world.  He was totally awesome.  And I will never forget him.

I wrote a letter to him the Christmas that he died.  I wanted to give him something special....he didn't need things, and I also wanted to let him know how special he was to ME.

 My Grandma (his 1st wife) and Grandpa's wedding picture

I want to share this letter with all of you, because I know that everyone has that one important person in their life.  I may allow you to take a moment and appreciate all of the people that you love in your life.  

 My Granny (his 2nd wife) and Grandpa's wedding picture

I was thinking about what to give you for Christmas.  You have so many things that I didn't know if there was anything that you might need or want.  Then I thought that a great gift would be to tell you all the things that you have given to me.
You've given me appreciation for all things.  For nature, for history, for TV, cars, modern technology!  I still can't imagine it taking a whole day just to go to the store.  I love all of the stories about you growing up and the farm and the filling station.
You've taught me respect.  To respect other people, and especially myself.
You've given me two great examples of what a marriage should be, and that's how I want mine to be.
You gave me greatest fun in childhood.  Going fishing, going to the park, and especially Brewster Dairy for the ice cream!  I will never forget any of that and I hope that I can pass that fun onto my own children someday.
Basically, you are the best grandpa anyone could ever want, and I wish that everyone in the world could have a grandpa like you.
You are a big part of who I am today and I will carry that with me forever.
I love you Grandpa!

 Me and my Grandpa on his 90th Birthday

I wish that I could have given him more, and I hope that this was enough.  I know that he is with me everyday, and I hope that he is proud of me.

I still love and miss him everyday.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Seven years ago today, I married my husband...

On the gorgeous beaches of the north shore of Jamaica (which now feels like our second home).
 December 15, 2003

We (or I did...I don't really know if men wait for it or not) waited seven years for that moment.

It was the most beautiful day of my life (not counting the birth of my three babies).

Surprise (for Jon) trip to Vegas August 2004

Our love not only was solidified that day, but we promised to love each other for the rest of our lives.

If you've read my blog before, you know in the past several years our marriage has been hard and has had it's share of very high mountains, and very low valleys. 
 December 2005

In the past several months, we seem to have made our way back on track to love.  To love each other the way we used to...before all of the hectic things that took over our lives and took our focus away from each other and our relationship.

This is REALLY an anniversary to celebrate and hold close to our hearts.

No, number 7 is not overly special.  It's a random number.  It's not like 5 (where I got the other band to go with my wedding set!!!).  It's not like 10 will be when we have promised each other that we will go back to Jamaica and take our babies so that we can re-commit to each other, and to them (and lay on the beach and soak up all of the sun that we can!).

Late Summer 2006

This is the anniversary that we are appreciating each other.  This is the anniversary that we are re-learning each other.  This is the anniversary that marks the moment that we can say we WILL be together for our 10th, and 15th, and 20th, and all of the ones that follow.

I never WASN'T sure that I would be with Jon.  I was ALWAYS sure of that.  What I wasn't sure of was if we would really be able to be happy again.

I am undoubtedly, absolutely, totally sure that I will be with Jon and be HAPPY with him for the rest of our lives.

New Year's Eve 2006..(that's the Munchkin in the belly!)

We have learned together that we can jump the hurdles of parenthood, home ownership, working full time (for the both of us), me going back to school, the relative lack of free time, the absence of sleep...and so many other things...and still be okay.  Not just okay, but good, and loving, and caring, and silly, and ourselves and to each other.

I love Jon more now than I did yesterday, last week, last year, seven years ago, and definitely more than 14 years ago when we first met.

June 8, 2007 (waiting on the Munchkin)

I love him because he is my friend.  I love him because he knows me.  I love him because he is loving.  I love him because he is passionate.  I love him because he is compassionate.  I love him because he is a wonderful father.  I love him because he is level headed.  I love him because more often than not, he is my better half.  I love him because he is encouraging.

I love him because I found out a couple of weeks ago he sleeps with socks on because he doesn't like his feet to touch.

I love him because he is silly.

December 2008 (that's Little Man in the belly)

I love him because he reliably leaves his shoes in the middle of the floor.

I love him because he tells the same jokes over and over again...and can still get a laugh out of me.

I love him because he gets a little smile on his face when he tries to hide something.

December 2009  (that's Baby J in the belly)

I love that he complains about how many pairs of shoes I have, but doesn't mind when I buy more.

I love that he gets out of doing laundry because..."it just doesn't smell the same as when you do it".

I love that he snores, even though he swears he doesn't because one night he stayed up to see if he snored and he didn't (that's an old joke...that still makes me laugh).

I love him because he loves me even though I'm very scary in the morning.

I love him because he makes the best coffee in the world.

I love him because he knows that one of my favorite foods is macaroni and cheese with peas in it.

I love him because of who he is and what he means to me.

I still promise to love him more and more everyday.

 December 2010

Happy Anniversary my love!!!