Sunday, December 26, 2010

Grandpa...I love you always

Christmas has always been a little difficult for me.  
At some points it has been crazy family things...not wanting to spend time with family.
At other points it's been because I've been sad because I didn't have the family that I have wanted to.
At another point is was because I was losing a very important person to me.  My Grandpa.

 My Grandpa

Six years ago today...on December 26th at about grandpa passed away at 90 years young on his own terms.

He was my rock (besides my husband).  He was the greatest man in my world.  He was totally awesome.  And I will never forget him.

I wrote a letter to him the Christmas that he died.  I wanted to give him something special....he didn't need things, and I also wanted to let him know how special he was to ME.

 My Grandma (his 1st wife) and Grandpa's wedding picture

I want to share this letter with all of you, because I know that everyone has that one important person in their life.  I may allow you to take a moment and appreciate all of the people that you love in your life.  

 My Granny (his 2nd wife) and Grandpa's wedding picture

I was thinking about what to give you for Christmas.  You have so many things that I didn't know if there was anything that you might need or want.  Then I thought that a great gift would be to tell you all the things that you have given to me.
You've given me appreciation for all things.  For nature, for history, for TV, cars, modern technology!  I still can't imagine it taking a whole day just to go to the store.  I love all of the stories about you growing up and the farm and the filling station.
You've taught me respect.  To respect other people, and especially myself.
You've given me two great examples of what a marriage should be, and that's how I want mine to be.
You gave me greatest fun in childhood.  Going fishing, going to the park, and especially Brewster Dairy for the ice cream!  I will never forget any of that and I hope that I can pass that fun onto my own children someday.
Basically, you are the best grandpa anyone could ever want, and I wish that everyone in the world could have a grandpa like you.
You are a big part of who I am today and I will carry that with me forever.
I love you Grandpa!

 Me and my Grandpa on his 90th Birthday

I wish that I could have given him more, and I hope that this was enough.  I know that he is with me everyday, and I hope that he is proud of me.

I still love and miss him everyday.

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