Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm THAT mom.

In light of Mother's Day being tomorrow...and receiving all of the cute little things that my little minions have made for me over the last week, I feel I absolutely MUST talk about being a mom.
THAT mom.
Oh yes I am.
I admit it.
You know...that bat-shit crazy yelling mom who seems like a hot freakin' mess no matter what time of day you see her.
Are you that mom too?  Because you're in good company.

I used to have it together.  I remember when Munchkin started school.  I was so excited for preschool.  Volunteering in class.  Carefully picking and choosing out snacks for snack day.

Now, I hardly even remember WHEN it's snack day.  It's on the calendar, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to remember.  I can look at it and forget it the next minute.

This school year alone I have bought snacks last minute for almost every single one of the boys' school days.  Their teachers SEEM to have a good sense of humor about it....I hope that's actually the case.

Half the time we are running to school late.  Every.  Single.  Day.  I don't know what it is.  No matter how early I try to get the kids dressed and fed, something always happens that we are out the door late.  I feel like it's freakin' goundhog's day in my house (the movie, not the actual day).  Every day it's the same thing, every day the kids act like we have never gone to school before....ever.  Every day I want to bang my head on the steering wheel of the van after I get the kids buckled in.

I go out in public with yesterday's hair and makeup...and believe me, if I'm still drinking coffee, I probably haven't had time to brush my teeth.  If you're lucky, I put on a bra to take the kids to school.  If there isn't snow on the ground, I'm wearing flip flops....or slippers if there is snow.

I don't care.

My boys are nut cases.  I mean, they are boys and they have a never ending supply of energy.  WAAAYYYY more than I have.  I used to be known at the preschool as the lady who yells.  I am.  I admit it.  If I'm not yelling, they aren't paying attention.  Everything else is more interesting to them.

I would say that I don't care, but I do....alot...this is what drives me batty!

I may have moved on from the lady who yells to the lady who has crazy kids.  I'm not sure.

There is a HUGE difference this year.  


I don't care what the other moms think anymore.  I don't have that kind of time.  You moms who have time to shower and do hair, makeup, and real clothes every morning...props to you.  I don't.  I have too many kids and am too tired to care how I look when I take the kids to school.

I don't really care what I look like when I'm at the store.

And I REALLY don't care what I look like when I'm at home doing cleaning, laundry, and homework all day.

I do my hair and makeup...and wear real clothes when I have to attend things for my cheer directorship duties.  I shower when I actually have to go to campus to accomplish things.

I even shower and the whole nine yards when I go out with the husband!

For my everyday life.....I'm THAT mom.  

That's me...I'm the hot mess yelling mom with crazy kids and you know what?

I don't care.

I love my kids.  We have fun...sometimes more, and sometimes less.  And trust me, they aren't going to remember that I didn't have makeup on or that my hair was crazy all the time.

So forever I will be THAT mom.  The one that my kids love.

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  1. Wow, just think how bad it would be if you worked!


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