Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm back!!!!

Yes.  I'm back.  I really haven't been anywhere.  Well, other than on the crazy train.  The last few months have been an extreme roller coaster.  Including, but not limited to:


Emotional walls.


Death (too much of it).




Work ending.

Never ending laundry.

Fighting.  Hmm.  Yes, that means the husband and I.  We have been getting along pretty well for about a week and a half thought.  Hey, you have to start somewhere.  This subject just deserves it's own post. 

Emotional walls.  Ahh...the comfortable, the high brick walls...or maybe they're padded, I'm not quite sure.  I fight with people, my walls go up.  I go through hard times, my walls go up.  Just how I am.  Apparently it tends to annoy people.

Xanax.  Yes...part of my daily regimen.  I'm not going to deny it.  It helps.  And my doctor agrees.  Also, at this point, I'm sure that the husband does too.

Death.  Holy hell.  It happened.  My mom died.  On February 6th.  Super bowl Sunday to be exact.  This in itself is just hilarious.  She hated football, and my dad is addicted to it.  I'm pretty sure it was her last jab.  I think this one also deserves it's own post.  It has a lot of baggage with it, so yeah.  Also, my mother's best friend's youngest daughter (you following that) was found dead in her front yard not even a week after my mom's service.  My cousin's grandmother also passed away that week.  They always say it comes in threes.

School.  Never.  Ending.  We had not one, not two, but FOUR bomb threats at school.  Really?  That really threw a crimp into things...I mean especially when you only go to school ONE DAY A WEEK!!!!!

Children.  Need I say anymore.  My little life forces.  Nothing changes for them.  They still have high energy and I don't!  And my wonderful Munchkin at the ripe age of 3 3/4 has mastered guilt.  Wonderful.

Work. Well, I had to take some time off of work because of my mom.  Three weeks total actually.  And to be honest, they gave me no problems about it.

Work ending.  As of April 1st.  I am officially unemployed.  My job came to an end.  So...it looks like I will have more time on my hands....whatever that means with a husband, three children, a dog, and school.

Never ending laundry.  Okay.  Really?  We know my laundry plight.  If you don't, check out The Great Laundry Debate, and also my Dirty Laundry series.  Yes...I have been officially unemployed for two days, and I have been doing laundry.  No.  End.  In.  Sight.  Especially since three out of five people in this house are sick.

So yes indeed.  My crazy life is crazy.  If it weren't a little crazy, it would just be boring.  So please, rejoin me with my crazy life.  I love writing, and I have missed it, so write I will, and hopefully you will enjoy it.

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