Monday, May 31, 2010

Operation Reconnection - The First "Date"

This weekend Grandma came to town, so Jon and I had our first reconnection/nurture your marriage date!

We did this Saturday afternoon.  Granted, we did do some errands while we were out, but honestly, I'm not sure that it matters what we did, just that we were spending ALONE time together.

We went out to lunch.  Nothing special, we went to Swenson's for some burgers and fries.  They have REALLY good burgers.  It was really nice to eat without worrying about shoveling food into the kids as well!

We then went to Men's Warehouse so that Jon could spend his $50 rewards gift certificate.  I will not tell you how much you have to spend to get a $50 rewards gift's obscene, but totally and well deserved.  He got a nice shirt to wear on another one of our dates.  I promise that once we go on that date, I will make sure that a picture is taken and post it!  =)

Then we did the errand portion of our date.  Jon needs to get a new vehicle since we are now going to be a family of 5.  Three car seats will NOT fit in his car, so he has been researching and we took the opportunity to go do the "car seat test".  Let's just say he may actually have to get an SUV and not a car, so he's back to the research board on that one.

Even though our "date" wasn't just recreational, it was WONDERFUL to spend time alone together.  So while I know our "dates" will not always be without purpose or function for some other part of our life, like buying diapers or grocery shopping (okay...honestly I don't know about the buying groceries part), as long as we can go do the errands and have some time alone together, I think it will do the trick!

So first date SUCCESSFUL!!!!!  YAY!

I'm already looking forward to the next one!

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