Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Operation Reconnection

So I left you with the stay tuned message about what the next step in making my marriage better might be.

While we didn't really have an opportunity to sit down and talk about it over the weekend, we did, however, have about two and a half hours to sit and talk to each other yesterday due to an unplanned trip to the hospital (don't worry, everyone is fine...seems like if you have so much as a sniffle when you are pregnant they just send you into the hospital).  So yes.  We got time to sit and talk, just the two of us while in the OB triage.  Not exactly what we were planning on, but it did the trick.

We did make the decision that when his mom comes to visit (she obviously lives out of town, and comes to visit about once a month) that we will take an afternoon, or an evening and go spend time with each other.  We have talked about doing this, but it hasn't really happened as of yet.  Jon has promised that he will make sure that this happens (or in other words, let his mom know so she expects it, and isn't surprised that we all of a sudden have plans away from the house).

We have always felt guilt about the possibility of getting a sitter on the weekend just to go out.  Well, now we know that we that is what we should have been doing all along.  It's actually really perfect if we take the opportunity when his mom is here because when Grandma is here, the kids don't see anyone but her.  We call it Grandma blinders.  Which we both totally love...we love the fact that our kids love her so much, and that she loves them so much.  Unfortunately this is not the case for my parents...I will be getting to that story soon enough.  So, really, the kids won't even notice if we are gone for a couple of hours.

Honestly, our relationship has even improved over the short couple of days since I initially approached the subject of taking more time with and for each other with Jon.  We are recommitting ourselves to making our marriage a priority.  Even though we were sitting in the hospital yesterday (with me wearing a VERY fabulous gown) we were ENJOYING each others company!  We are looking to hopefully enjoy and embrace every opportunity that we have to be just the two of us and reconnect (and if you can find the opportunity to reconnect in a hospital, you can find it anywhere!).

I know it hasn't been long, but it's better already!  I'm really looking forward to this journey with my husband to get back to where we should have stayed all along.

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