Monday, May 3, 2010

Dirty Laundry? Part 4 (plus a little extra)

Honestly, I didn't think that there would be anything to add to the laundry story, but I just had to share a couple more things with you.


Yes.  Again.  I am nuts.  I admit it.

I did some laundry yesterday and totally reverted back to using a WHOLE scoop of Tide.  The smell when the clothes came out of the dryer was like an old friend.  I was happy to have it back (and my clothes looked better too!).  All is good in the world of laundry again.

I suppose this goes back to the The Great Laundry Debate.  My husband has been telling his co-workers that I'm insane about laundry (okay, tell me something I don't know).  He told them that I have been blogging about it.  Yes, again, I suppose that blogging about laundry is a little insane, but anyone that does laundry on a regular basis is probably agreeing with most of the things that I am talking about (especially those who have kids).  He also urged them to check out my blog.  I'm not sure if they did...but if any of you are reading this, sign up and follow my blog (please!!!!!).  

Honestly, I'm just sharing my crazy life with people (and to my knowledge, just my friends at this point).  Seriously, I have talked to my friends about everything that I have written about here (although I do get to edit and change it if I don't like the way it comes out the first time!).

So join me.  Read about the insanity that is my life...laundry, kids, parents, parenting, marriage.  I will get to all of it (there ARE only so many hours in a day).  Hope to see you all join my blog!

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